I have been modeling clay since I was a little girl in my Mum's pottery while she made her beautiful Stoneware pots. I pretty much always knew with the occasional distraction that that is what I would do in some way shape or form. I completed a degree in ceramics at Falmouth college of arts in 2002. I also studied briefly at St Martins, which felt like the wrong place for me, and then at Bristol UWE for a year and a half. The arrival of my eldest daughter interrupted things for a bit! Children are hugely important in my life, I have three now, and they have been my main focus throughout my adult life. Now however they are all at school and beyond, and I am enjoying rediscovering my ceramics, which has always been lurking but really needed my full attention.

So what is my work about? Story is my main inspiration. I use tales and stories plays and poetry to inform me, or I create characters that have their own story to tell. Story telling is fundamental to human beings throughout history. They stimulate imagination,  they help us to understand our environments and each other, inform us about other peoples ways, they are cosy and safe, challenging and inspiring. It is sad to think that bedtime stories have been replaced for many children by the screen. So the other part of what I would like my work to achieve is to bring the story into the every day. So I make things that can ornament our architecture, faces and characters that can look out at you in your every day environment. It is even better if they feel like they have a vague use, like the drainpipe hoppers. I particularly enjoy the idea of children finding  characters to surprise them in unexpected places!! And of course my environment inspires me too. The animals on the farm, wild and woolly, and all that grows here.

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